Welcome to the Inn

Art by Marc Potts

Hmm? Hoo’s┬áthere?

Oh, well met! Do come in.

My name is Wol, and I’ll be your bartender this evening. Booktender too, if you’re looking for something new. Oh, it’s a curious arrangement, I know. I’ve heard it all before!

“How does she mix the drinks? Will I end up with a mouthful of feathers? Surely it’s not sanitary? I met an Orangutan librarian last week, has the world gone completely mad?!

Fear not, dear patron! I have an eye for a good book and a passion for mixing just the right drink to go with it. If you give me a try, I’m sure I can find a combination that will work for you. So take a seat, and tell me: what tickles your fancy?

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