Reviews and Booze

Stewed Apples & Custard

In the first entry of the long-awaited Book of Dust, young Malcolm Polstead lives in a cozy waterfront pub with his parents. In the chilly evenings, he eats traditional British fare...

La Belle Sauvage, by Philip Pullman

The story begins smaller and slower than that of the original trilogy, but there is a sense of creeping dread and wrongness for the first half of the book that slowly increases as the Magisterium pushes for more surveillance and power.

The Agan

The Agan is the source of magic in Villosos's world. People fight and die for it, people are willing to murder innocent children for it - it's all a bit grim!

Edmund’s Bane

The iconic foodstuff of the Narnia series is Turkish Delight, so sweet and delicious that Edmund is more than happy to betray everyone he loves for it. This one may be divisive - it's essentially the Marmite of candy.

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