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Updated 05/11/18

I accept requests from self-published authors (though I don’t accept all requests).

Scoring system:

  • 8.0 – 10 (5 Stars)= fantastic, will definitely read again, will highly recommend.
  • 6.0 – 7.9 (4 Stars) = very good, likely to read again, will recommend.
  • 4.0 – 5.9 (3 Stars) = good, has some issues, but enjoyable overall and worth a look.
  • 3.9 and below = Not connecting with it, dislike it or major issues. Will not review.

My scores reflect my own enjoyment of the book, but it’s important to note that a score of 5/10 doesn’t necessarily mean that I think it’s a mediocre novel – frequently it’s just that I don’t consider myself to be the target audience. If that’s the case, I’ll talk about the kind of reader who I think will appreciate it in the body of the review text.

Re: “I received an ARC/Free Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.”

I don’t write this in my reviews. I understand the transparency thing, but I’m not a paid reviewer and  to me it doesn’t matter. Frequently when I’m offered a free copy of a book via review request, I find that I have already bought it and just haven’t gotten to it yet. A book being free or not won’t change my perception of it. I do thank people who send physical copies of books at the end of reviews, as when they have paid for postage and taken the time to send me something, it’s only polite.

Also because, well, I really like physical books.

In short, all of my reviews are honest. Feel free to assume that anything I review is an ARC or a free copy, I don’t mind. The review would be the same either way.

Why my reviews are generally positive:

This is where my desire to be responsible to both the reader and the author kicks in. I started blogging to draw attention to books that I enjoy, not to warn people away from ‘bad’ ones. If I read a book and feel that I’m not connecting with it and couldn’t award it at least three stars or a 4/10 score (meaning that I liked it), I don’t review it. In these instances, if I’m reading the novel as a review request from an author or their representative, I’ll reach out and let them know that it’s not working out – I will not offer critique (unless asked) or judgment. This isn’t a “your book isn’t good enough for my blog” message, it’s an “I didn’t get into this blogging thing to put out negative reviews and potentially hurt the sales of indie and self-published authors” message. You guys have it hard enough. Just because I couldn’t connect with it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have an audience. I do my best to nudge each book towards the audience who I think will get the most out of it, but on a personal level I have to step away from books I’m not enjoying so that this hobby doesn’t start feeling like a job.

The kind of books I do/don’t typically enjoy:

I have a fairly wide range of things I enjoy, but I tend to lean more towards fantasy than sci-fi and I’m a real sucker for character driven epic fantasy. I also typically dig fantasy of manners, comedic fantasy and I dabble in grimdark, which for me can be hit or miss. I’m not a big fan of horror (I’m squeamish), new weird and dystopian but that doesn’t mean not ever – if you look at my reviews you’ll see novels in those subgenres that received high praise. I value character development and worldbuilding very highly, and I’m less enamored of books full of action/battle scenes than some reviewers.

If your book contains a lot of graphic violence, rape, animal abuse, etc. I won’t mark you down for it (unless it feels particularly gratuitous) but I will warn readers who may wish to avoid it. Some folks don’t want to read that stuff for perfectly legitimate reasons and it’s only fair to give them a heads-up.


Book Formats:

I am happy to accept .mobi files, physical books and audiobooks for review. I generally have one print book and one audiobook on the go at all times, so audiobook requests in particular help me get through my list much faster. And of course, I’m a book hoarder so physical copies are especially welcome. 🙂


If you have questions or you would like to submit a request, I can be reached via the Contact Wol page, which contains an updated status as to whether or not I am currently accepting requests.

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