Places to Visit

When I’m able to get away from the Inn, here are some of the places I like to flutter off to.

reddit fantasy

Reddit Fantasy – Home of Bingo and part of the reason that the Inn exists. A great community of friendly writers and (usually) friendly readers.


The Fantasy Inn – A new blog containing funny, insightful reviews and whimsical comedy content from a bunch of our r/Fantasy regulars.

SPFBO banner7

#SPFBO – Mark Lawrence’s brainchild, a sort of Battle Royale of Self-Published Fantasy authors. It’s exciting to watch and highlights talent that might otherwise be lost in the noise. I have read quite a few self-published novels this year and when you begin to realize the quality that’s out there it’s hard not to become passionate about it.

esmeThe Weatherwax Report – /r/Fantasy’s own Esmerelda-Weatherwax talks fantasy and more, worth a look just to watch in awe as she smashes her #SPFBO goal to read basically ALL THE BOOKS. Damn, girl. You scary.

speculative kitchenThe Speculative Kitchen – A fabulous blog that seeks to recreate food from various fantasy novels because god knows they make you hungry – looking at you, GRRM. Everything in here is freaking amazing, as you would expect. Should our reading choices intersect I may work to pair my cocktails with their offerings. 🙂

liamsvigilLiam’s Vigil – Home to musings and some kickass short stories by K.S. Villoso, one of /r/Fantasy’s resident authors. Some interesting reading about the struggles of life as a self-published author and all it entails.

quenbyThe Quirks of Quen – Another /r/Fantasy resident author’s blog brimming with goodness. From competitions, reviews and thoughts on life to some outstanding short stories. Well worth a peek.


Kristen Reads too Much – A great blog that’s absolutely chock-full of thoughtful reviews. Contains an impressive number of #SPFBO entries.

coffee bean

The Coffee Archives – Another r/Fantasy member blog. This time reviews are paired with the perfect coffee! You’ll also find some great short story reviews and ratings on a cup scale. Well worth a read!

art of war – An impressive Fantasy site that is heavily involved in SPFBO and cranks out a huge amount of quality content. Booknest is behind the upcoming Art of War Anthology (which I’ll be reviewing once it’s out), with the proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders.

fantasy hive

The Fantasy Hive – A brand new Fantasy website with some impressive backing. There are wonderful articles and interviews to be found here and a huge amount of work has gone into it. Take a look!


Bethan May Books – a great blogger who writes good critical reviews without straying into harshness. Often find myself nodding along with her reviews.

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