Since apple pie is a traditional British dessert dating back to the time of Chaucer, it seemed like an appropriate theme for a cocktail...

Riv’s Rage

Bitter, tart, and very potent, Riv's explosive temper lands her in trouble several times throughout the course of the novel...

The Grape Gig in the Sky

I knew very early on that this cocktail would feature bourbon, and I played around with a few ideas based on Led Zeppelin, The Stones and The Beatles, but ultimately I had to settle on Pink Floyd...


"It's supposed to be jolly, with mistletoe and holly, and--and other things ending in olly! It's a time when people want to feel good about things and eat until they explode!"

The Pomegranate Red

Waray is a complex creature, angry and violent but with a sweetness and vulnerability that I found deeply compelling. This cocktail is dedicated to her.

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