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Hello! I’m a British Expat living in beautiful Oregon – I enjoy Fantasy novels, cooking, playing videogames and pretending my cat doesn’t hate me. I’d 100% be a Hufflepuff and if I could live in any Fantasy setting it would be The Shire. For a couple of years I have been a regular poster on /r/Fantasy under various names (thanks to a fun stalker or two), but lately I have settled down as BookWol. It’s largely down to that subreddit that I decided to take a whack at blogging. It’s an absolutely cracking place full of kind and supportive people and if you haven’t checked it out already I highly recommend that you do!

Of late, I’ve developed a passion for self-published and indie novels, which I’d like to draw some attention to, if I can. Since one of my other passions is experimenting with mixed drinks, I figured it would be fun as hell to read and review books and create a signature cocktail for each one. These may be based on flavors that are mentioned in the novel, themes, or imagery. The goal is to make something a little unique and tasty for each one that represents something about their work. If there’s a unique drink mentioned in the novel (think Butterbeer, etc) I’ll take a stab at recreating it. So far my author pals have been pretty receptive, but then I suppose it doesn’t take much to get a writer to drink. 😉

I hope you enjoy hanging out here and reading my nonsense, because honestly I couldn’t blame you if you didn’t. But hey, thanks for taking a look. You rule.



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