Wol’s Halloween Cocktails!

largewolsquareHappy BEST MONTH, my lovelies!

It’s a special time for all things spooky and fun – and of course, Halloween parties. I figured this would be a good time to gather some of my crazier creations in one spot so that you can use them for your very own Halloween bash. Some are sinister, some are potion themed and some are just very silly indeed. 🙂

20181008_173449Swamp Water

Created to pair with Laura Morrison’s spooky UF novella Come Back to the Swamp, this is a perfect drink for that special bog monster in your life.

20180930_164011The Fallen

 The Team Weatherwax tribute to the fallen of SPFBO, the most brutal of battle royales.

20180927_170944The Black Death

What, like you don’t want a drink inspired by the bubonic plague?

20180916_174602Barfo’s Bat Head Soup

It more delicious than it look… Barfo promise.

20180812_161915Riptide Bumbo

It’s not a real Halloween party unless someone shows up dressed as a pirate. When they do, give ’em a pirate cocktail!

violetsdelightViolet’s Delight

A Charlie and the Chocolate factory inspired bubblegum cocktail. You probably won’t turn into a giant blueberry, but I take no responsibility if you do.

20180520_182619Carpathian Blood Brandy

Made from the blood of a bear and fermented in a tree stump. Or something.

20180512_150231Lockian Old Fashioned

Made with hemlock, for that delicious poison tang.

20180408_183746The Shade Trial

Named for one of Grey Sister’s most memorable scenes, this drink looks like liquid shadow.


War, huh! What is it good for? Well in this case, raising money for charity, and a pretty sinister looking cocktail.

blue milkBlue Milk

Got any Jedi or Sith at your shindig? Send ’em straight to the cantina for some blue milk.

pigs bloodPig’s Blood

A scary cocktail for a scary (and oddly amusing) Halloween read.

manapotionMana Potion

One for the gamers and wizards in attendance! Be it Gandalf or Geralt, you have them covered.

halloweenjacktailThe Halloween Jack

Of course, a Halloween list wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t a pumpkin cocktail – here we have one based on a delightful steampunk novella.

20171008_124451_resizedThe (Peanut) Buttercup

And last but not least, one for the Princess Bride fans, just As You Wish.

Happiest of Halloweens to you all, drink responsibly, be safe and HAVE FUN!


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