Blog Tour Guest Post: The Bitch Queen Drinking Game!

To celebrate the release of The Ikessar Falcon, follow-up to The Wolf of Oren-yaro, I’ve created this drinking game. Play at your own discretion.


The rules are simple. Make any of Wol’s cocktails from The Tome and Tankard (I highly recommend Enosh Sucks, which remains one of my favourites. Or you can try Khine’s Milk Tea which is also really good, albeit not so diet-friendly, to round up the theme). Then, follow this guide while you read or reread the books from the Annals of the Bitch Queen series!

Take a shot when:

  • Talyien gets irritated.
  • Talyien snaps at someone.
  • Talyien interrupts someone mid-sentence.
  • Talyien threatens to kill someone.
  • Talyien actually kills someone.
  • Talyien gives someone a new, insulting name.
  • Talyien gets a horse killed.
  • Rayyel gets interrupted mid-sentence.
  • Rayyel infodumps.
  • Rayyel is completely oblivious of social cues.
  • Khine plans a ruse.
  • Khine explains something to Talyien.
  • Khine lies about something.
  • Khine argues with his siblings.
  • Khine double-crosses someone.

Take two shots when:

  • Talyien interrupts Rayyel mid-sentence.

On second thought, this is a deadly game that’ll get you dead drunk in a few chapters. Best to just stick to reading sober, then. You can grab the second book on

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