Fool’s Errand by Robin Hobb


The Book

Little brother, do not treat me as if I am already dead, or dying. If you see me that way, then I would rather truly be dead. You steal the now of my life away, when you constantly fear that tomorrow will bring my death. Your fears clutch cold at me and snatch all my pleasure in the day’s warmth from me.

And once again, Robin Hobb makes me set down a book for a few moments so that I can stare off into space and think about the wisdom in her words. As someone with a bit of an anxious nature (this may be a slight understatement), I feel like Hobb “gets” it. How our worries and fears infect the people around us and steal away their pleasure in our company. During a time of great political uncertainty, it is nice to have a reminder to chill the fuck out and think about how your jangled nerves are affecting the people around you. And while that’s a very specific piece of commentary that isn’t exactly a review of the book or even the quoted passage, that’s the thing with Hobb as a writer. She talks to you like a good friend would over coffee with her stories, through her characters. It’s not something that every author can do.

As I approach the final act of Fool’s Errand, something else rather unusual about Hobb’s writing strikes me. So far, there hasn’t been a single action scene. One major character has been attacked, but that’s all. Mostly we have learned something of the situation Fitz finds himself in, watched him and the Fool stumble through the unraveling of a mystery with little other than their wits and a good ruse to work with, and follow in the wake of the violence of others. But no “on-screen” action as yet. And it’s absolutely riveting.

I won’t add much more because I wouldn’t want to risk spoiling anyone. The plot threads of Fool’s Errand begin to tie themselves up neatly in the last act, but that’s not to say bloodlessly or without a high cost. There is a definite promise of more storm clouds on the horizon for Fitz.

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The Drink

A tipple that’s fit for a Fool…

Sandsedge Brandy

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