What Kings Ate and Wizards Drank by Krista D. Ball


The Book

First off, this is an amazing resource for Fantasy/Historical Fiction writers and I’d absolutely encourage anyone who is even vaguely interested in writing a novel of that nature to invest in a copy. It’s a goldmine of useful information regarding the logistics of food and travel, details you haven’t thought of, etc. But more importantly, inspiration. Ball’s attention to detail and her creativity serves very well as a springboard for your own ideas. I’m not a writer, but I found myself coming up with my own thoughts on fantasy races, culture and religions based on the prompts in this book. I’m half tempted to write them down.

There’s plenty to enjoy here for non-writers, too. The information presented does get a little dry in places, but only occasionally and to be fair it’s a subject so broad that it’s easy to lose momentum when getting into the nitty-gritty of it. But for the most part, Ball’s tone is light and witty, and the register is IMO pretty spot on. It feels almost like hanging out with a friend and having a chuckle while they tell you about their pet peeves on a subject that they know plenty about. In other words, pretty damn fun. As someone who loves to cook, bake, and brew beer, I found it to be an enjoyable and often fascinating read. History fans will enjoy reading about the difficulties that processing and storing food presented to the commoners in years past.

On the whole I’d recommend it to anyone who likes their entertainment to teach them a thing or two.

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