Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft


The Book

Wow. I have been fortunate lately – four of my recent Fantasy picks have been a breath of fresh air, and my lucky streak continues. Senlin Ascends is an absolute tour de force, exceptional in every respect.

The setting is captivating, original and endlessly imaginative. Every character is lovingly developed, distinct and (most importantly) interesting, no matter how minor a player they are. The prose is astonishing – every metaphor and simile lands, and the imagery is so vivid that I experienced that rare (for me) joy of conjuring each scene in my own mind as smoothly as if I were watching a movie. The Tower is its own character central to everything, mysterious and alien and yet at the same time an inevitable reflection of the baser parts of human nature. The protagonist both grows and is diminished by the tower’s influence, just as he should.

I can’t fault it. I always find something to fault, even in the novels of my most beloved authors. This one is something else, man. I recently said that if Josiah hasn’t had a movie offer within the next 5 years I’ll eat my shoe, and I hold to it.

/r/Fantasy Bingo 2017 Squares

  • Goodreads Book of the Month
  • Steampunk
  • Debut Fantasy Novel
  • Author of the Day
  • Self-Published (Josiah got a book deal!)


lower ringdoms

The Lower Ringdoms

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