Assassin’s Fate by Robin Hobb


The Book

So now I’m finally emerging from what is probably the most debilitating book hangover I have ever experienced, I’ll write an actual review. I always try to keep my reviews spoiler free, but with so much riding on the events of this entry that’s much more difficult than usual. What that means here is that I have to keep it super vague.

Throughout my Hobb reviews, many times I have likened the Realm of the Elderlings to an intricate tapestry in which Hobb slowly and methodically weaves together her ideas and events into a larger picture that isn’t immediately apparent. Each part of the tapestry is beautiful in its own right, but the larger picture emerges very slowly. Until now. We learn¬†so much¬†about the world in Assassin’s Fate that it’s dizzying. Seeds she planted 12+ books ago come to fruition.

I feel sorry for anyone who didn’t read Liveships or Rain Wilds because they are not the ones who will get the most out of Assassin’s Fate. There are new faces and old friends, and things haven’t necessarily developed for them in ways you might expect. They will all be hugely impacted by the events of this book. For some, their whole way of life will have to change. Worlds collide for two facets of the Fool with awkward, funny and occasionally terrifying results. It’s a masterpiece.

About The Ending (stop here if you consider my emotions a spoiler), AKA:

It was fitting. As soon as I realized how it would end, I knew it had been inevitable from the very beginning. That didn’t prevent me from weeping my way through the last 100 pages, mind you. Granted I’m an emotional reader, but Hobb in particular sure knows how to play my heartstrings like a fiddle. Well enough that my husband took one look at me, said, “Oh no! Oh honey!” and immediately brought me both chocolate and a glass of whiskey. He’s good like that.

If this is the last in the Elderlings novels (and that’s a very big “if”), it was a magnificent end to a magnificent series. If it’s not (and I do hope it’s not), I very much look forward to seeing the consequences of the changes that were made to the world in this entry.

Either way, this was a hell of a ride.

/r/Fantasy Bingo 2017 Squares

  • Published in 2017
  • Not the First in a Series
  • Fantasy AMA Author
  • Dragons
  • Seafaring
  • Older Protagonist (this one is iffy due to skill fuckery)




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